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REBAC Provider Camp

To help ensure that you are able to gain the greatest value from your license with REBAC, we host special camps for course providers each summer. REBAC will purchase your ticket with your preferred schedule in mind. We do, however, ask that you look for reasonable airfare on The earlier you book your airfare, the better price you will receive. REBAC will make your hotel reservations.
Camp will run approximately 1 1/2 days. Our first evening will be a dinner where our providers will network and ask questions they may have.
REBAC Provider Camp—Our camp is primarily designed for a new REBAC licensed providers. The program is intended for the person who will be scheduling, marketing and managing the delivery of the course. We will also go over all of the courses that you can deliver through the REBAC license, along with creating a marketing plan to help you successfully deliver the various courses. This camp is a wonderful way to get started on the right foot and helps make sure you’re making the most of your license agreement.