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Smaller REALTOR® Boards and Associations--those with less than 1,000 members--may be unable to develop sufficient student interest to become a licensed provider and offer REBAC courses on their own. For this reason, we encourage all REALTOR® Boards and Associations to co-sponsor with REBAC-licensed providers.
Co-sponsorships can create win-win revenue-generating opportunities for both parties involved. To investigate co-sponsorship possibilities, you’ll need to contact a licensed provider in your state. A complete list of course providers can be found here.
If you approach another provider about co-sponsoring courses, be sure to discuss and negotiate terms concerning:
‣ Course promotion
‣ Location of course site
‣ Responsibilities for printing materials, manuals, forms, etc.
‣ Contacting and hiring an instructor
‣ Assistance in grading exams
One licensed provider will ultimately be responsible for returning all the necessary paperwork to REBAC within 10 days. That includes submitting required rosters, applications, exam answer sheets, instructor evaluations and royalty fee(s) per student. This licensed provider is also responsible for submitting the dates and location of the course to REBAC when it is first scheduled, so we can advertise the program on on the main section of this website..